Monday, June 3, 2013

Sisterhood of the Traveling Book is Proud to Announce New Author Member Melinda Field

 The Sisterhood of the Traveling Book is proud to announce that  Melinda Field
Author of  True  has joined The Sisterhood of the Traveling Book .

 We would like to thank Melinda  and Susan for making this happen.

Melinda Field is an award winning writer/poet/playwright who lives in the mountains of Northern California. A version of her short story The Ledge, excerpted from True, was an award winner in the Lorian Hemingway International Short Story Competition. She has authored three sets of ​wisdom cards with photographic artist Lani Phillips, that were created to inspire and empower women of all ages on a daily basis. They are Wisdom of the Crone, Wonder of the Mother and The Journey. The cards can be viewed at Melinda is currently working on a sequel to True.

TrueWhen sixteen year old Cat's mother is sent to prison in the fall of 1998, she is forced to leave the streets of Phoenix, Arizona to go live with her grandmother whom she has never met, in a remote mountain valley in Northern California. After a devastating incident, Cat is taken in by nurse/midwife Emma Cassady, and becomes an integral, yet controversial part of her circle of horsewomen friends, Midnight, Lilly, Clare and Briar. Emma's decision to foster the troubled girl, disrupts her serene life, as do her feelings for a man who broke her heart decades ago.

Lilly, blindsided by change, and her fragile sister Clare must deal with their aging mother, Dora, who is leading a secret life at the local nursing home. Midnight, culture keeper for her small tribe is forced to face the truth about her only son; while Briar, a fearless horsewoman and trainer becomes the circle's greatest teacher. Over the course of a year, these authentic women and their ties to their families, animals, their pristine wild environment and each other, inspire an unforgettable story that will be passed from friend to friend and mother to daughter

Excerpts From True..

The following is an excerpt from True. The story encompasses a year in the lives of several beautifully, flawed, extraordinary women, living ordinary lives. The diversity of their ages (from sixteen to seventy) and their different cultural and spiritual backgrounds, and the social issues they face, brings together a story of their unique and challenging friendship. Set in the contemporary West, the main character Emma, is the hub of the wheel... From Chapter Two
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